And keep the flame of hope flickering!

After World War I, the last century witnessed the Great Depression. After that catastrophe nobody thought it would ever be possible to rise again for many decades to come. But human rose up again. And we human, always try to find reasons to fight, not only rose on our feet but got dressed up for another bloody war. World War II.

Half of the century was lost in all these events. It was undeniable that everyone again thought that we will be pushed back to the medieval ages. Colonies got freedom from rulers and new age, new hope for civilization started taking shape. Superpowers once again rose up to gain more power and newborn sovereign states started flourishing. In the remaining years of the century, human civilization dedicated to Science.

Once again, the situation around the globe is worse. Not as worse as it was in the last century. At least we are not being forced to fight someone else war and to die in an unknown land and having an unmarked grave. Yes, leaders then were better. What we have today is connectivity among people across continents. What we have are mistakes from the past which can tell what not to do. And keep the flame of hope flickering.

Hope is all we need at this time and at this hour and the time to come. History is full of instances and situation of Pandemics. In those time, people were not medically advanced. Superstitions and blind faith were given mixed with medicines. Many even were not knowing that creatures that are not visible also exist and they are harmful sometimes. If that cloth merchant Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek have had not developed a habit of rubbing glasses which gave the shape of the lens, we would have waited much longer to discover the microbial world. Sophisticated European cities, as we see now were prone to many diseases. Still, people lived and survived those predicaments.

Economies will continue to rise and fall like a rollercoaster ride. It is not wise enough to stop that ride. That would take away the excitement. What we can do is to enjoy the ride and wait, sooner we will be on the rise. In all these lowering situations, we must remember to keep the hope alive. Like a light bulb in our hearts. Hope.

Shaheen hai tu, kaam hai parwaaz tera

Tere saamne aasman aur bhi hain!